Working from home? CBC Spark

Working from home is seem different from people. If you ask what someone thinks about working from home the opinions will be different, because it depends on the context of the person who is answering. Obviously, this answer changed in a lot of people since the recent events. Coronavirus have us all in our houses, and there is only one safe way to keep working, and that is working from home. Listening the podcast, I realized that working from home is not new to them, they already work from home before all this happen, so they are a good reference.

On the last weeks we have learnt to work from home using our technology, but not every person can do this. There are a lot of jobs that their work can’t be done via computer, and that is why coronavirus is affecting the economy of the people. So much people are not working on this pandemic, meaning that they are not making money.

At the beginning of the podcast we listen a CEO being interviewed about the remote work that they are developing with their employees. The CEO said that working from home can be efficient if we consider that employees already lose a lot of time in the office. If you are working from home you avoid office common distractions, and nobody will bother you while you are working. She said that the employees have more time to spend on other things to forget about their job, and that is also an important factor. The communication between them is via emails mostly, but also with zoom video conferences.

Something they mention in the podcast is that maybe it is a not intended violation of the privacy of their employees. This is because they are working from home, and their home is a private place for them, so when people ask to activate cameras in video conferences, they are asking them to show their houses, and they need to do it, because the cameras make de atmosphere around the conference just better, if not, you seem to be talking to a computer.

Previously they said that working from home avoid office distractions, but in this quarantine, if you don’t live alone, you will find more distractions on your house than in the office. Family turns into a problem in this topic because you need them to be quiet and you need to be strong to not get distracted by them. In my personal case, my sister is doing home office in the quarantine and it is very difficult, to her, and to us.

The podcast told us that the situation right now is difficult, because, as they said in the beginning, not all works can be done from home, and there is some people who is trying to work as usual, but this is just impossible, because almost every work that cant be done from home needs interaction with people, like cashiers or waiters. If there are not people on the streets, they can work a lot, but their work is not that useful as before Covid.

The last part of the podcast, and which is certainly my favorite, talks about working efficiently from home. They talked about creating a work environment inside your house, is not that easy, specially now with coronavirus, but that is the way to get the best of working from home. Avoid distractions and keep focused on your job. If you achieve this task, then you can successfully work from home, but many people can’t do this, and they keep distracting, so, work from home is not for them.

In my case, as I mention is difficult, my house has space for everyone, but there are a lot of noices also. 2 persons already worked here, so duplicating the number of workers on this house (thanks coronavirus) was not that easy, and I don’t think I can create such a good environment to work from home.

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