Things I learned in partial 2

Last partial was mainly about introduction to economics for software engineers, which was actually a great introduction of what a project manager really does on a company. This partial was all the Covid-19 thing, and we needed to stop taking classes at the Tec, and that makes all the classes more boring, but not this one.

This partial was all about listening to the experiences itself, there were a lot of guests on our zoom sessions. In this reflection I am going to talk about the best thing that I leant from each guest.

Dazia Pineda – Communication between manager and staff is very important

Dazia told us that the communication in every project is always very important, but specially between the staff and the manager, because they need to trust their leader to communicate every problem or concern that they could have.

Jorge Morales – Address your project depending on your market

It is important to always consider your market. Who is actually interested on your project? Who is buying your product? If you can answers these questions, and you use them to develope a “customized” product, you are doing well. Is not the same to develope a videogame for americans than develope a videogame for chinese.

Lucio and Candelario – Doing a master’s degree is a good idea

A master’s degree is a really good idea, because you get in contact with new technologies on a formal way, and that give you the opportunity to learn this new technologies and that open doors in different fields and different companies, or even in individual projects.

Iliana Valdelamar – Keep failling

Now that we are young, the best advice that Iliana gave us was to keep failling, because now, the consecuences of our faillures are not going to be so bad as in 10 years, for example. Faillure is the best professor we will have in our life, lets take advantage of it.

Jorge Suárez – Work for free

Now that we are students and we have a lot of free time we need to look for some contacts, and a great way to do it according to Jorge is working for free, because if you do a great job, the person who gave you the work will trust you another time and they can contact you if they need you. Of course, it is important to do your best every time.

Sergio Villarreal – Start on a startup

According to the experience of Sergio, he recommends us to start working on a start up, because on this small companies you have more flexibility and opportunity to grow inside. Besides that, you learn much more in a start up because you have more responsabilities and you are not on a such specialized field.

Finally, I want to talk about one quote that I really liked in the chapters of the book according to this partial. The quote says “We take on too much, because we are terrified of too little.” in chapter 16. This quote is really interesting, because it is so true, sometimes we are so stressed trying to do a lot of things on our life only because we are afraid of not doing them, because maybe people can see it as conformism. What people think about us is very important, much more than it should be.

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