Things I learned in this course

Well, after almost 4 months here is the end of the course. Actually I think I learned a lot of new things, but also remember topics from another semesters. All the topics that I saw during this course are exposed on previous entries, so I recommend you to visit them first, because I am not going to repeat them, I am only making a summary of the best parts of it.

During this blog I made masteries about differente useful topics, but this was only the theoretical part. Actually the main purpose of this course was to find posible customer with an interesting project, design it and try to be close to their needs.

Definitely the most important learning in this course was that developing and actually planning a project is not easy, specially when you are working for customers needs. Before you start to develope the project there are some things that you must have in mind.

First, you need to stablish which are the stakeholders of the project. These are all the people interested in the project, could be the developer, the customer, the users, and many others. You need to define them very well for the next step.

Next you have to do an interview to the customer, to define the requeriments. You need to specify each of them in order to make only what the customer need. No more, no less. You can also interview other people, like users, to get deeper and suggest your client on what they could need.

Finally, start developing the project, but remember to be in contact all the time with your customer to show the progress of each part. Stablish objectives per month or week. Get all your things to do on a checklist with an order of priority. Be formal on your presentations to the customer and show them all your work on an ordered way.

If you do all those things, I dont think you will have problems developing a project. I remember you to visit my previous entries, where you can find all the masteries of this course and complement your knowledge.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, and I hope to come back posting soon. Thanks to Ken Bauer for the course and the knowledge. Thanks for being the guide on this course.

Victor Javier Aguayo Mendoza

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