Things I learned in partial 2

Topics during the partial

During this partial I learned about the following topics, you can find them in previous entries of this blog.

  • UML
  • Convert class diagrams into data base tables
  • Convert class diagrams into code

Summary by Javier Aguayo

Well, basically this partial was about designing projects in UML. All the topics of the partial were oriented to successfully create UML diagrams and understand them, in order to make easier your project, because you can convert them easily to data base tables or code.

I have worked before with UML in data bases class, but I did not know that there exist a considerable number of different diagrams to achieve different goals organizing your project. I worked with class diagrams, and it was easy to me to convert them into code because basically I have done this a lot of times.

I know that this were very important topics, specially on a software design class like this one. I think that this is knowledge that every software engineer must have, as many companies are specting you to work in teams, it is important to express yourself in order that other people can understand your design and you ideas.

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