Software life cycles


  1. Things that I remember about software life cycles

Software life cycles are important talking about the design of a project, because they show us the process that the software have to follow to get a good organization and the best software as posible. This life cycles have a series of steps to follow, and it is important to follow them in order to satisfy the life cycle structure.

2. Research about sofftware life cycles

There are 6 types of software life cycles:

  • Waterfall model: Linear sequential flow. The flowing is like a waterfall, steadily downwards through the phases. You can only start the next phase if you have finished the previous one. It is recomended for projects in wich you are not focus on changing the requeriments.
Image by: Mohamed Sami. From:
  • V-shaped model: Extension of the waterfall model. The main difference between waterfall and v-shaped is the early test planning in the V-shaped model. It has a higher chance of success over the waterfall model.
Image by: Mohamed Sami. From:
  • Evolutionary prototyping model: Basically is creating prototypes of software applications. It is use to avoid misunderstanding the customer requirements by the development team. This model increses user involvement.
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  • Spiral method: This model combines the features of the prototyping model and the waterfall model. It is ideal for large, expensive and complicated projects.
Image by: Mohamed Sami. From:
  • Iterative and incremental method: Developed to overcome the weakness of the waterfall model. It has cyclic iterations in between. Develop a system through repeated cycles (iterative) and in smaller portions at a time (incremental).
Image by: Mohamed Sami. From:
  • Agile development: Based on iterative and incremental development. It needs more engagement from the customer and to be interactive. Face to face communication and continuous inputs from customer.

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